How private investigators catch cheaters

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Is your husband or wife cheating? Sometimes not knowing is the worst part.

The numbers behind suspicions and cheating partners are quite scary and if you suspect your partner of cheating then statistically there is a good chance that it is happening. Wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85% of the time while husbands who suspect their wives of cheating are correct 50% of the time.

However real life isn’t controlled by statistics so if you do suspect your partner of cheating it’s advisable to hire an expert like us to find out if they are.

Methods private investigators use to catch cheating partners.

Catching a cheating partner is difficult but as professional private investigators, we have years of experience in carrying out surveillance and recording the evidence.

Online investigations to catch cheaters

For cheating partners, a private investigator may look at social media usage to determine where a person may hang out, who they interact with and if there has been an uptake in activity between accounts. Cheating couples on social media may start liking people’s pictures and statuses more and this is something a private investigator may document when trying to catch a cheater.

A private investigator can also use specialist software to know where photos were taken and they can track whether a photo was taken in a location where that person wasn’t supposed to be at that time. Often cheaters will go to new locations to avoid being spotted so if a husband or wife is supposed to be on a business trip in London but a photo surfaces at the same time where they are in Manchester or Liverpool then that can cause a red flag.

In-person surveillance to catch a cheater.

Private investigators will use in-person surveillance services to catch cheaters. They will monitor where a person goes, who they talk to and anything else that is out of the ordinary and then present this back to their clients. Quite often it soon becomes apparent a person is cheating when they are supposed to be in one place but turn up at another with the same company present.

Using technology to catch a cheater

Private investigator powers aren’t like what you expect in the movies but with the right permissions, they can use technology to bug and track the movements of an individual. This is often done through covert GPS tracking or covert camera installation.

Technology is a great way of catching a cheater as it’s hard to say you were at work when a GPS attached to your car is showing the exact times you left work and the exact time you arrived at a local hotel to carry out your affair.

Using a private investigator service like ours is a great way to collect evidence which can then be used in Divorce courts. Having evidence collected legally will help your situation when it comes time to end the marriage. It can help you win more in your divorce, the only problem is you may need a bigger storage unit to keep more of your items when providing evidence of infidelity.

Using a storage unit during a divorce presents several significant benefits, both logistical and emotional:

  1. Provides Neutral Territory: A storage unit acts as a neutral space for belongings, minimizing disputes about who keeps what during the sorting and dividing process. This can be especially important in acrimonious divorces where every decision can become a potential conflict.
  2. Eases Transition: For the partner moving out, a storage unit offers a temporary place to store belongings until they find a new permanent residence. This is particularly helpful if the next living situation is smaller or if they need time to settle into a new home.
  3. Reduces Clutter and Stress: Clearing out shared items from the marital home can reduce both physical clutter and emotional stress, helping both parties to focus on the divorce process without constant reminders of their shared past in their living space.
  4. Facilitates Fair Asset Division: By moving items into storage, both parties can take the time to sort through belongings without pressure, making it easier to divide assets fairly and without rush.
  5. Protects Valuables: During the upheaval of divorce, valuable items might be at risk of damage or loss. A storage unit offers a secure place to keep these items safe until decisions are made about their division.
  6. Promotes Emotional Healing: Removing personal belongings from the shared space can be a crucial step in the emotional healing process. It allows both individuals to start creating a separate space that reflects their new single life, which can be therapeutic and empowering.
  7. Helps in Downsizing: If one or both parties are moving to a smaller home, a storage unit provides a place to keep items that they are not ready to sell, donate, or throw away.
  8. Offers Flexibility: During a divorce, circumstances can change rapidly. A storage unit provides flexibility, allowing individuals to store or retrieve items according to their changing needs.

In summary, a storage unit during a divorce can be a practical solution for managing belongings, reducing stress, and facilitating a fair and organized division of assets. It also offers a means of aiding the emotional transition from a shared marital life to establishing individual lives.

Common signs of a cheating partner.

As private investigators, we have years of experience in catching cheating partners and often the victims kick themselves when the signs are shown to them, so if you suspect your partner from cheating here are the signs we have noticed over the years.

  • Your partner starts to spend more time away from the home, this could be a “new” hobby or having to spend more time working late in the office.
  • A change in intimacy, a partner may not want to become intimate with you as often they are getting intimacy elsewhere. Partners may also start ignoring you too.
  • Phone habits have changed. Cheating partners will change how they use their phones. They either start using it a lot more or will not answer it when you are around. Cheating partners may also be more guarded with their phones and often put their screen side down to stop new messages from being seen when they come through.
  • Their clothes smell different. Not all partners will be covered in a different perfume as one would expect. Often it could be smells of tobacco or alcohol. One cheating spouse we found over the years would buy his wife and his girlfriend the same perfume so he could get away with cheating for years.
  • Different bathing habits. Partners who cheat try to get rid of the evidence of smells by bathing more, it may seem strange but if your partner has started taking more interest in their hygiene then it could be a sign.

Of course, all of the above can be explained easily and may not indicate a cheater. If you are worried then we would recommend hiring a private investigator. We have offices in Cardiff, Manchester and London and we service the entire UK. You can see a list of our private investigator costs here too.

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